In the journey of “growing talents with care”, UTS always appreciates the sharing and companionship of parents and families. Therefore, activities to increase information and knowledge about children’s education for parents are always something that UTS strives to do.

This summer, UTS introduces to parents a series of online events, providing educational methods and useful information for the journey of raising children. A series of events organized by UTS with the participation of experts, educators, and researchers in each specific field.


The webinar on Positive Parenting: “Turns” discipline into empathy with the participation of Parent Coach Tu Anh – a parent consultant & parent training expert on Positive Parenting and a UTS Representative.

The program shares with parents the “Positive Discipline” method, helping to avoid common “traps” in the process of raising children.

In addition, parents will understand more about this method from the perspective of the school and the teachers in actual teaching. From there, adults know how to understand and behave appropriately before their children’s mistakes, so that their growing journey is always a matter of concern and love.


The seminor with Children to create a summer timetable for parents with children aged 6-18.

With the program, parents will be introduced to the important factors that create an optimal timetable for each age group, activities that can be done at home during the “Covid” summer, and ways to accompany them.., encourage your child to follow the schedule created.

The program had the participation of representatives of UTS and Ms. Vu Thi Thu Hang – Education Advisor, Author, and Translator of books for parents.

Parents can download sample times for Primary here and Secondary here.



The usefulness of English is increasingly becoming one of the most important factors when parents choose a learning environment for their children. However, is only English enough to help children develop comprehensively?

At UTS, I am always given the best conditions to develop my English ability. Besides, children are also given the opportunity to cultivate other necessary knowledge, skills and necessary qualities.

Follow the online Q&A: Study program at International Bilingual School – What can I get besides English? UTS deciphers interesting and rewarding study programs.



Let’s listen to the sharing of experts about the Oxford International Program – a general education program built according to the British National Competency Framework standards, with a unique approach: The joy of learning. The Oxford International Program will be implemented at UTS from the academic year 2021 – 2022 for Grade 1 students.

The program has the participation of Mr. Matthew Davidson – In charge of implementing the Education Program in the international market, Oxford University Press (UK); Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu – Member of the UTS Academic Council; Ms. Nguyen Minh Thuy, International Program Manager at UTS.



The program gives parents a deeper perspective on sex education, a better understanding of the definition of Sex Education, how to approach and convey information to their children and the balance between sex education. for boys and girls, as well as being answered about situations that can make parents “embarrassed” in the journey of sex education for their children.

The program has the participation of Ms. Phan Thanh Ha – Master of Psychology, Vice Dean of Special Education Faculty of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. Ho Chi Minh City and Ms. Dao Thi Nguyen Hoang – Life Skills teacher at UTS.



Knowledge, skills and qualities are always what parents want their children to have at school. To bring that to students, teachers need not only good professional competence but also real attention to each student. For parents, too, attention is the bridge that keeps the connection between two generations close and strong.

Together with UTS decipher the interest in children’s education at school and at home. Since then, we all know how to care for our children not only with love and responsibility but also from understanding




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